Comfort and convenience are the hallmarks of Marin Foot and Ankle's office operations. Our office location, just off the 101 freeway, is incredibly convenient. Our ground level office is wheelchair accessible, and the building provides ample, off-street parking. We strive to provide a professional and friendly environment to all our patients no matter their age or needs. A small play area is maintained for our youngest patients and those with children to keep busy.

Treatment instruments and modalities have been selected for their accuracy, ease of use and with patient comfort in mind. Conservative care is a hallmark of our doctors' practice style and we work to partner with you in determining the best course of treatment for your foot health needs.

To ensure concise diagnosis of acute injuries or other pain, our office maintains a digital X-ray. This increases the speed and accuracy of diagnosis while ensuring patient convenience. Our digital X-ray system is integrated into the electronic medical record, maintains minimal X-ray exposure and ensures clear, concise images.

Medical Equipment:
Marin Foot and Ankle is a DMERC certified provider and maintains a convenient stock of medical eqiupment such as braces and boots for ankle sprains and breaks, crutches and canes, pads and inserts and topical treatments for dermatological problems. We hope these efforts ensure a safe, thorough, and convenient visit for all our patients.

Our office is committed to maintaining the highest level of care while embracing the best in technological advances in medicine. In 2005 our office upgraded to a fully electronic medical record system, ensuring accuracy and privacy of medical information gathered, prescriptions dispensed, and assessments and laboratory reports collected. We are able to quickly and effectively communicate with your other physicians and maintain a far more accessible picture of your health and care.

Orthotic Lab:
For those patients whose treatment plan includes custom foot orthoses, an orthotic lab is maintained in-house. The doctors personally manage all orthotic production, adjustments and refurbishments. Patients may be manually casted by the physician or a 3D digital scan my be made of the feet for accurate assessment of custom device needs. If adjustments of your orthotics are required, these can be provided at time of appointment or within a day or two.The physicians are committed to ensuring limited "down time" for patients using orthotics. Ongoing evaluation and orthotic refurbishment ensures the maximum life of your custom device. The in-house lab is just one more way to improve accuracy, convenience, and quality of the service provided.

Laser Therapy:
After waiting for additional data and proven results, Marin Foot and Ankle has added laser therapy to his treatment options. We has selected one of the newest lasers designed for the treatment of fungal nails, warts and scars. In integrating the laser into our practice, we are able to offer increased options for improving patient results.

Shockwave Heel Therapy- EPAT :
Extracorporeal pulse activation treatment (EPAT®) is the most advanced and highly effective noninvasive treatment method approved by the FDA to treat acute or chronic muscle and tendon pain by stimulating blood circulation and accelerating the healing process. Damaged tissue gradually regenerates and eventually heals. Patients with heel pain (plantar fasciitis) or other tendon pain like achilles tendonitis can benefit from this treatment.

Appointment Scheduling
Our office respects your busy schedule and is committed to running on-time. Appointments are booked with ample time to address patients' needs and ensure our physician remains on time. If emergencies impact the scheduling during the day, we strive to keep you informed of any delays and offer you alternatives to waiting.

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Our staff is available from 9am to 5:30pm or later. We strive to remain open during the noon to 2pm lunch period but must occasionally close the office for business reasons during this time.

Accepted Insurance Carriers
Check with your carrier to ensure our particiption. Often, out of network benefits ensure ample reimbursement for services provided when we are out of network.

Payment Options
Our office accepts cash, checks, American Express, Visa and Mastercard as forms of payment, as well as billing your insurance company. We are happy to work with those patients with high deductibles, needing payment options. Please let our staff know if you would like more information about our payment options.

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