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Message from Dave Hannaford regarding Jim Robison

I know that many of you are aware that I am slowing down in practice, am taking more time off, and almost two years ago moved in with Jim Robison at Marin Foot and Ankle in Mill Valley.

I realize new locations and new doctors are changes that most of us do not like. I wanted to let you know about my new place of practice, the staff, and doctor that are available to you so that you feel more comfortable with these changes moving forward.

My wife, Debbie and I have known Jim for more than 25 years, and have always had a positive relationship. In past years we have toyed with the idea of sharing space but were never able to make it happen. As I continued to spend less time in my office, it was clear that I needed to have someone to take care of my many athletes when I am away. So, in 2016 I moved my practice to Mill Valley with Jim. After moving to Jim's location it was soon clear that this was something we should have done long ago. We have a collegial relationship, matching practice styles and the staff and doctors are on the same page.

You may be wondering if Dr. Robison has the same “pedigree” as me, with regard to medical training and personal experience with athletics.

Jim completed his residency in surgery and finished a fellowship in biomechanics and sports medicine. Much of his fellowship involved human biomechanics, gait and motional analysis and orthotic fabrication. He taught as an associate professor at the California College of Podiatric Medicine for 7 years, teaching courses in biomechanics, and having rotating students and residents in his office. He has maintained a surgical and biomechanics practice for the past 27 years but increasingly has focused on biomechanics and conservative treatments. For 25 years he maintained his own orthotic laboratory and continues to have a busy and functioning lab within the office. We, of course, have some differences in our approach to the treatment of foot and ankle disorders, but I trust him with the care and treatment of my very special patients.

Jim has always been an athlete and understands the motivations and mindset of athletes. From basketball, football and baseball in high school, to running, triathlons, and mountain biking in college and medical training, he has remained an active athlete. He has been involved in long distance running, racing road bikes on a local team, and, in the past 6 years has gotten heavily involved in water sports. Specifically, training and racing stand up paddle boards, as well as paddle surfing. He has four children who are also involved in school and club sports and is well versed in the needs of young athletes. Jim and I have often said to each other in the past 2 years that our only regret is that we did not share a practice earlier.

I hope this is helpful in introducing my friend and colleague Jim Robison


Dave Hannaford DPM

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